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Please donate to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal.

Your gift impacts over 1,000,000 Catholics.

90 parishes, 12 missions and 2 pastoral centers enriching over 1,150,000 Catholics, 189 diocesan priests and 88 religious priests, 86 women and men religious, 279 permanent deacons and 52 seminarians. 11,558 students are being served in our 15 archdiocesan elementary schools, 3 archdiocesan high schools and 6 independent Catholic schools. 40,855 students in parish religious education programs. 15 college campus ministries for outreach and evangelization to over 7,365,000 people in north and central Georgia.

Evangelization to over 7 million people in north and central Georgia.

A message from Archbishop Gregory

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The theme of our 2019 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, “Go, Therefore, and Make Disciples,” reminds us to act upon the love and grace of God. We see it in action every day through the care shown by our brothers and sisters for the needs of the less fortunate, for the education of our young in the faith and for the support of our seminarians. This ongoing effort, to be like Jesus, is evident in the faithful of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

As we look forward, please join me in participating again, or for the first time, in this year’s Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. I invite you to read the stories of Fr. Mark Starr, Janet Johnson, and Leighton Batiste featured in the pamphlet. These examples are just a small snapshot of the important work being done in central and north Georgia – only made possible by your generous donations to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, the main funding source for all of the ministerial, outreach, education, formation and discipleship work of our archdiocese. 100% of your Appeal contributions are used for the growth of our local Church.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful giving and support of our community. Please know I hold each of you in my prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,

Wilton D. Gregory
Archbishop of Atlanta

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory
Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory

Ministry Spotlights

Serving over one million Catholics, the mission of the Archdiocese of Atlanta is to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord and grow all of central and north Georgia in faith, hope, love and service to others.

Your gift to the 2019 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal empowers it all – the ministerial, outreach, education, formation and discipleship work of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Below are tangible examples of the wide-reaching impact of your gift to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal.

"Thank you, through your generosity, for allowing me to be your priest. It is a privilege.”

“The value of campus ministry is that it provides the space where challenge is promoted and faith is built.”

“Attending the Catechist Conferences has reminded me that we are part of one family in the Archdiocese. We have a big support system and are not out here by ourselves.”

2019 Supported Ministries

Our Goal for 2019 is !

The Ministries and Offices Supported by the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal.



& Discipleship


Education, Formation & Discipleship

Pastoral Outreach




Ministerial Support

Seminarian Education $2,100,000
Permanent Diaconate $350,000
Priest Support & Retirement Care $650,000
Priest Continuing Formation $150,000

Catholic Charities


Catholic Charities

Self-Sufficiency Programs
Skill Development Services 150,000
Education/Employment Services 150,000
Security and Well-Being Services 200,000


Administrative Costs

Administrative Costs $500,000

Make a Gift

The following payment methods are accepted: cash, check (payable to “Archbishop’s Annual Appeal”), credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express), stocks and securities.

Small monthly payments can add up to a sizable gift. You may make a pledge and pay in up to 10 monthly installments.  Payments may be made through December 31, 2019.

Annual Appeal 2019 Logo

Support the work being done in the Archdiocese.

Gifts By Mail

Make payments to: “Archbishop’s Annual Appeal” using a check or money order and mail to:

Archbishop’s Annual Appeal
PO Box 2396
Smyrna, GA  30081-2396

Please remember to include the name of your parish on your check.

If you have problems with or questions regarding gifts by mail, please contact Tracy Zelczak (404-920-7606) or Nancy Stoehr (404-920-7614) in the Office of Stewardship.

Gifts of Securities

To transfer a gift of securities, please click on the appropriate link below.

If you have questions regarding gifts of securities, please contact Mary Ann Brown (404-920-7407) in the Office of Finance.

The Lumen Christi Society

Those giving levels indicated with an asterisk (*) are recognized as Lumen Christi Society Members. These are women and men whose examples of stewardship stand as a shining example before Christ. At the Easter Vigil Mass, after the new fire has been blessed outside the church, the Lumen Christi is the candle that brings light from the new fire of Christ to the Paschal Candle. Christ calls us to be the light of the world:

You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket; it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all in the house. Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”

- Mt 5:14-16

Giving Levels

Archbishop's Circle*

$20,000 or more


$10,000 - $19,999.99


$5,000 - $9,999.99


$2,500 - $4,999.99

Circle of Charity

$1,500 - $2,499.99

Circle of Faith

$1,000 - $1,499.99

Circle of Hope

$500 - $999.99

Circle of Mercy

$250 - $499.99

Friends of the Archdiocese

Up to $249.99

2019 Archbishop's Annual Appeal Parish Goals

Table of parish goals for 2019.

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