Rev. Mr. Bill Donohue
Rev. Mr. Bill Donohue

Rev. Mr. Bill Donohue | Permanent Deacon at Prince of Peace, Flowery Branch

After my diaconate formation, I see the world differently.”

Comfortable with the importance of service, Deacon Bill Donohue, entered diaconate formation with an open mind. After five years of sessions, engagements and requirements, made possible through the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, he was ordained a permanent deacon in 2015. Now often responsible for officiating funerals, he finds that his formation prepared him well liturgically, pastorally and personally to be with families at their weakest moments. As the Archdiocese of Atlanta continues to thrive and grow, the 44 men currently in formation for the permanent diaconate and the 275 men currently serving as permanent deacons, depend on the support of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal to continue to serve the community of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

A donation to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal supports the formation and continuing education of our permanent deacons.

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Rev. Mr. Bill Donohue

“After my diaconate formation, I see the world differently.”

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